Recording, Mixing and Mastering to Create that Perfect Professional Sound.

How we work with you?

We work to your requirements. There are advantages to different approaches.
The typical studio recording is to record a song in a day and to multi track accompanying instruments. This gives you the highest quality performance with the ability to redo parts separately.
If you want to record a live performance and everyone plays at once we can also do this. This approach relies more on you achieving perfect take as a band. You can record more in the time agreed but the result is less precise to the multi track option above and there is less room for mix adjustments.
You can record your drum and instrument tracks with us in our purpose built facility and take them home to mix.
Alternatively if you have recorded your songs at home and would like to give them that professional sound we can also remix and master.
Don’t have a band?
We can help you to write you backing music and we have links to highly experience musicians who can record instruments for your song.
We mix and master sessions separate to recording.


Recording Studio

Resonance Music Studio started back in February 2016 and has since worked with a variety of local and further reaching acts and companies. 

Recording on Location

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Give Us a Call!

We will be happy to discuss various options with YOU.

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