What We Do!

At Resonance Music Studio we offer a range of  Professional Music Production services including composition, recording, mixing, remixing, audio editing and restoration, and mastering.

We also have links with other local businesses including film companies should you be looking to do a music video or corporate business advertisement for TV and online.

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Who we work with?

At Resonance Music Studio we are experienced working with a range of Music Artists. Anything from larger groups like Choirs and Orchestras to smaller bands and soloists. 

Listen to our Showreel to hear the range of music we have created and for the different artists we have worked with.

Local companies include charities, schools, the local council,  private businesses of different sizes.

We also have record label, distribution links and connections and insight as to opportunities to move yourself forward within the music industry.

Give Us a Call!

We will be happy to discuss various options with YOU.

077 7230 5265